BAFF: Barcelona Asian Film Festival. A Bridge between European and Eastern Film

The East is not as far away as you think: April 30th will see the opening of the 12th edition of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival which will screen a selection of new, inspiring films from some of the best directors in Eastern cinema. Japan, South Korea, China and India are just a few of the many surprises this year.

We’ve Tried: Barcelona Hot Air Ballooning

Barcelona ballooning provides an unforgettable experience for anyone. It is number 7 on the “must do during your lifetime” in a survey of the British. It's an experience that will never be forgotten and you'll want more of.

We’ve tried: Gael le Bec’s Wine Tasting Barcelona

Have a fun day out with a fabulous wine tasting tour in Barcelona. Lead by expert sommelier, Gael le Bec, this wine tasting tour promises to be an educational and exciting tour where you can try…

Places to go kayaking around Barcelona

Are you a fan of water activities? Ever wanted to explore random coves and narrow passages of marine life and vegetation? Barcelona kayaking provides…
Plaza del Rey Barcelona

We’ve Tried: Cooltra Scooters- The Best Way to See Barcelona

If your plan is to visit Barcelona then you are one of the millions of tourists who do so every year. However, if your plan is to visit Barcelona to have a great time in a relaxed and fun atmosphere then we believe that this Cooltra Tour is perfect for you.

Tour de France in Barcelona

If you're a cycling fan living in or thinking of coming to Barcelona then now is the time to get excited as cycling's biggest event is coming to the city!!
Cooking courses in Barcelona - Gowithoh

We’ve Tried: Cook and Taste – A Cultural Cooking Course

Equip your self with essential skills of cooking and learn the secrets to Catalonian cooking through Cook and Taste. In this workshop, you get to select the freshest ingredients and put your knowledge into practice…

Barcelona Marathon 2010 – Photography Winner

The photos we got were all of great quality, but there could only be one winner! Find out who the lucky photographer is here.

The Art of Live Spanish Guitar

The unique sound of the Spanish Guitar makes this instrument very special, so why not hear it live when you are in Barcelona? Know what to expect with our article which tells you more about its history and some of the best places to go to see it live in Barcelona.

Cycle around the city’s sights

If you’re looking for an exciting way to explore Barcelona, then here you have found your answer. Ciclo tours provide a fun, healthy and educational tour of the Catalan capital whereby you can see…